Meet the Strawberry Hill Team

2014 strawberry hill by kate lesley014

Ollie: Vineyard Manager

Ollie has been working abroad for a few years in Germany, California, Australia and Tasmania gaining insightful experience into the operations of a  commercial vineyard.

Ollie now works full time at Strawberry Hill on all aspects of the business from pruning and picking to sales and marketing.cropped-11th-Sept-029.jpg

time faceTim: Business Development

Tim initially planted the vineyard in 1999 revolutionising UK vine growing through implementation of commercial glasshouses. After building a solid customer base and brand the reins were passed to Ollie. Tim now focuses on ways to expand the business and is currently looking to build a holiday apartment where guests can stay when visiting.

Greg: Ecommerce & Online Marketing

Greg works remotely on the website and online shop in between being a full time mad scientist and running marathons. Greg designs the label artwork and promotional literature.


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