Vehicle Restorations at Strawberry Hill Vineyard

If you have an historical interest, in particular W

World War 2, then please read about our previous and current restorations, from a Kettenkrad (like the one used in Saving Private Ryan) a captured Ural M72, originally a Russian motorbike, a Panzer 38t and two 3ton Half Track Prime movers from 1943 all currently under restoration.

The tank is a Czech design from 1938 that was made throughout the Second World War during the Nazi occupation of Czecheslovakia.

Previous restorations

Kettenkrad towing a 20mm Flak anti aircraft gun with a Kettenkrad trailer in the background.


Current restorations

Panzer 38t

The below photos show the early stages of restoration when the engine was lifted out of the tank. The engine has since  been completely re-built, tested and is now back in the tank and running.

Ural M72

This Ural motorbike was found in from Russia some years ago. In 1936 Russia purchased the production rights, from Germany, to manufacture the BMW R21 under the name of Ural M72 and this is a surviving example.



An original side car for this bike has recently been acquired from Poland that was in need of much restoration. The frame and side wheel can be seen in the photo ready for attaching to the bike to be followed by the body.

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3 thoughts on “Vehicle Restorations at Strawberry Hill Vineyard

  1. Hi i do like your projects i am in the throws of rebuilding a flak38 up here in sunny yorkshire I am struggling for parts tho.

    1. Hello Joe

      Apologies for the delay in replying to you, I missed your Comments.
      Do you have any idea what parts that are missing? I have owned several Flaks but they were all complete, I may have the lid off the small tool storage box if that is of any nterest.
      It may be easier to copy parts off another Flak than it is to find spares.
      Kind regards

      1. Hi greg i appoligise for the delay myself i was awaiting a email responce but came back on your website to see if i can find a contact email or number.
        I have a holey original lid and a very bent lid from the base locker box i do have a very large missing parts list we have the ability to repro our own parts but lack the imagerie and details as a lot of our parts are to roten to measure. At the moment we are needing details of the rear plate behined the recoil mech nut to the rear of the gun.

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